3 Southlake Cash-Give-Away All-Stars

John Fletcher rewards Sonia Leal and Joey Kramer for most creative gifting of cash to others

John Fletcher presents $100 cash each to Sonia Leal and Joey Kramer at Southlake Chamber luncheon 4-26-18. Not pictured: Laura Redman.

Southlake Chamber Fletcher Cash Give-Aways FINAL 4-29-18

When I sponsored the Southlake Chamber luncheon on March 22, I gave away $1,000 in cash and asked everyone to do something with that money that would make someone else’s day. Each person received a $5, $10, $20 or $50 bill inside a notepad I had given to each of them.

Check ou the ways that people gave their cash away.

I had promised a $100 bill to the most unique way of giving the money away. Since there were three, I am awarding the cash to each of them, so $300:
• Joey Kramer from Hope South, for collecting the undistributed $120 and then adding $300 of his own to send people to the “We Are Stronger” PTSD movie
• Sonia Leal from McGuffin CPA, for noticing a college-aged girl at the pharmacy who did not have enough to pay for her prescription. Sonia used our money and then added her own to pay for the girl’s prescription.
• Laura Redman from Texas Health Southlake, for paying for a young lady’s medical shots documentation she needed to complete her college application.

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