Liar, Liar: Pants ON FIRE!

Liar, Liar, Pants on FIRE! Body language expert Traci Brown inspired the Southlake Chamber luncheon on Thursday with her presentation on how to tell truths from lies with prospects, customers, employees, job applicants and vendors. Absolutely BRILLIANT insights on how to “read” others and how to carry ourselves. “The body CANNOT lie!” hashtag#tracibrown hashtag#southlakechamber hashtag#southlakecc hashtag#themarq hashtag#liarliarpantsonfire

Southlake Chamber members learn about how to read body language of others
Body language expert Traci Brown wows the Southlake Chamber 8/22 luncheon.
Leaders are well-known, well-liked, and well-respected.
And, they tend to do far more business.