Monthly Musings

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Monthly Musings – January 2017 – Trump Media,2017,Dollar Shave,Girl Scout Cookies

Monthly Musings – December 2016 – Ezekiel-Salvation Army-USAF Band

Monthly Musings – November 2016 – Trump,$10 million bet loser, Dalworth, Protests

Monthly Musings – October 2016 – Central Market,Dalworth Clean,Hermans Hermits,Protest

Monthly Musings – September 2016 – Arnold Palmer, Chick-fil-A, Pooped Workers

Monthly Musings – August 2016 – Princess Diana,Olympics,Brent Folan

Monthly Musings – July 2016 – Black Olives,Olympics Gold,Texas Monthly

Monthly Musings – December 2015 – Star Wars, CancerChild, Butterfinger, Marti

Monthly Musings – November 2015  – Marriott, Stolen Burger, Bad Letter, Exceptional

Monthly Musings – April 2015 – Garth Brooks, Jordan Spieth, Leta Andrews, Sonic

Monthly Musings – August 2015 – Reinvent, Acme Brick, Subway-Jared, Paris Coffee Shop

Monthly Musings – February 2015 – Monopoly, FW Customer Service, Business Soul, Haslet, QT

Monthly Musings – January 15 – College Football Playoff, TCU, BobTallman, AgTexas, Resolution

Monthly Musings – July 2015 – Donald Trump, KFC, Rabbits, Yeah-But

Monthly Musings – June 2015 – Taylor Swift, Neiman Marcus, TCU Baseball, Schick

Monthly Musings – March 2015 – April Fools, PR News Tip, Twinkies, Marriott

Monthly Musings – May 2015 – Natalia Promposal, Harvard Stress, Leadership, Service

Monthly Musings – October 2015 – Oreos, Phubbing, Macy’s, Hotel Coffee, Heart Tug

Monthly Musings – September 2015 – Trump Emotions, Goodyear, Concorde, Yogi, Customer Service

Leaders are well-known, well-liked, and well-respected.
And, they tend to do far more business.