Monthly Musings

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Monthly Musings – January 2020 -Kobe Bryant, 2020 Propportunity

Monthly Musings – December 2019 -Peloton, Tesla, DQ, Christmas, Waffle House

Monthly Musings – November 2019 -Thanksgiving Kindness

Monthly Musings – October 2019 -Amazon, Dollar Stores, Lowes, 2020 Planning

Monthly Musings – September 2019 -Dallas Cowboys, Popeyes, Disney, ChickfilA

Monthly Musings – August 2019 -Pizza Hut, Chickfila, Disney, Waffle House

Monthly Musings – July 2019 – Broadway, 2001 Space, Logos, Amazon, Kindness

Monthly Musings – June 2019 –  Bob Seger, Chevy, Positively Outrageous, Delta Air Kindness

Monthly Musings – May 2019 – Game of Thrones, Uber, Taco Bell, iHOB, Disney

Monthly Musings – April 2019 -Mattress Mack, Shark Tank, Tiger Woods, Amazon

Monthly Musings – March 2019 -Apple,  Sears, Church, Taco Bell

Monthly Musings – February 2019 -Mattress Mack, Payless, BMW, Kuchar Golf

Monthly Musings – January 2019 – Gillette, Super Bowl, Southwest Airlines, Burger King

Monthly Musings – December 2018 – George Bush, Beatles, Paul McCartney, PGA, Christmas

Monthly Musings – November 2018 – Jeep, Pringles, Bama, Les Miles

Monthly Musings – October 2018 – BeachBoys,Dominos,  Mitsubishi, Golf, Rangers, Candy

Monthly Musings – September 2018 – Gucci, Apple, Oreos, Disney, Typing

Monthly Musings – August 2018 – Papa John, Awe, IHop, Hall Lozenges

Monthly Musings – July 2018 – Blake Shelton, Vince Gill, Opryland, Crisis

Monthly Musings – June 2018 – IHop, IHob, Denny’s, Opera, Tiger Woods, Sudsies

Monthly Musings – May 2018 – Royal Wedding, Colonial, Burger Wars, Zebra Strings

Monthly Musings – April 2018 – Bob Tallman, Barbara Bush, TCU, AgTexas, News Hole

Monthly Musings – March 2018 – March Madness, Sister Jean, Steve Jobs, Ship in Half, Chad

Monthly Musings – February 2018 – Movie Pass, Netflix, Whataburger, Survey, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Monthly Musings – January 2018 -Blue Angels, Dynamic Pricing, Facing Giants

Leaders are well-known, well-liked, and well-respected.
And, they tend to do far more business.